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Robot Motion Planning And Navigation

Motion planning and navigation systems. Motion planning in dynamic environments. Topological maps learning and building. Task planning and allocation and motion coordination for multi-robot systems. Exploration strategies for robot teams. Planning and navigation under communication constraints. Communications and connectivity constraints for robotic systems. Mobile ad-hoc networks.

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Simultaneous Localization And Mapping

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). Visual SLAM: monocular, stereo, RGB-D. Semantic SLAM, SLAM with objects. Non-rigid SLAM. Applications: Robotics, Augmented Reality, Medicine.

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Computer Vision And Perception

Computer vision for 3D modeling and map building from stereo and monocular sequences of images taken from hand-held or mounted on vehicle cameras. Visual information from monocular or stereo cameras is integrated with other sensorial information, such as range sensors, odometry, inertial sensors or ultrasound.

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Communications And Ad-Hoc Networks

Mobile ad-hoc networks in robotics. Manage real time traffic for interfacing robots without previously infrastructure. Wireless communication in confined environments. Ad-Hoc networks oriented to the work of several activities like rescue, surveillance, exploitation, emergency, either for human or robot teams.

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Exoskeletons And Biosignal Processing

Robotized exoskeletons control. Neurorobotic and neuroprosthetic (EEG, EMG). Biosignal processing: surface EMG and biomechamic parameter estimation. Interpretation of EEG information. Classification of motion intentions and on-going motion. Aplication of biosignals to exoskeleton control.

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Robot learning. Bayesian Optimization. Brain computer interfaces. EEG based Neuro-Rehabilitation and assistive robotics.

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