1st IEEE Workshop on

Challenges and Opportunities in Robot Perception

12 - November 2011, Barcelona, Spain


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GENERal description

  1. This workshop aim
    s to bring together computer vision and robotics researchers interested in various aspects of visual perception in robotic setting. The topics of interest include robot mapping, visual place categorization, object and scene recognition, and scene understanding, as well as perceptual capabilities for grasping and human-robot interaction. The emphasis will be on contributions with robotic-specific applications and motivations, strategies where perception is integral part of robots’ decision making, and proposals of novel representations of objects and environments in a robotic setting and their acquisition.   
  2. The additional goal of the workshop is discuss specific experimentation and evaluation strategies for the above mentioned mid and high-level perception tasks which would enable comparison of existing strategies in a robotic setting, and further support open source developments in the field.



  2. Best Paper and Best Student Paper by Willow Garage